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Our mission is to ensure our clients meet and exceed their organization’s goals, through the use of Digital Marketing and information services. In short, our mission is to “Cheddarize” our clients!
Consider the Urban Dictionary definition of Cheddar “money, riches, can also be used to express satisfaction”
Just Say Cheese
Cheddarizing a business may increase sales, leads and overall exposure. Cheddar Social is where the rubber meets road for a business’s overall marketing efforts.
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  • Search Engine Optimized Content Creation

    What we will do:Cheddar Social will create: 10 pieces of content that is optimized for Google, Bing, other search engines, and your potential clients. This content will be maximized for local search engine indexing as well as copywriting best practices.

  • Custom Website Design

    What We Will Do: Cheddar Social will create a custom designed website that is:

    • Intuitive- Elements were your potential clients expect them (i.e. phone, address, products)
    • Responsive- Your beautiful website will be as user friendly on tablets and smart-phones as it is on a desktop browser.
    • Custom design and graphics unique to your business

  • Basic Social Media Management

    What We Will Do: Cheddar Social will monitor and/or create two social networks on the clients behalf. The client can choose the most relevant social network to their business needs. Popular choices are Facebook & Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, & LinkedIn.

  • Local Adwords Management

    What we will do:Cheddar Social will utilize a specific local Adwords strategy for local business success.

    • Target potential customers that have an “immediate need” or are “on the move” by using Google Mobile Ads.
    • Keywords, Ads, and Settings will be specific for local businesses.

  • Adwords Remarketing

    What We Will Do: Cheddar Social will create a remarketing ad campaign that will show relevant ads to your customers and website visitors.
    Why is Adwords Remarketing Important For Your Business? Remarketing is a feature that lets you reach people who have previously visited your site, and show them relevant ads across the web or when they search on Google.

  • Google Analytics

    What We Will Do: Cheddar Social will use Google Analytics to track everything...and we mean everything:

    • Real-Time data of how many people are on your site and what they are looking at.
    • How much traffic your website has had during a certain time period.
    • Which pages have the most customer engagement.

Where the first “One on One” in person consultation is always free

Have you ever wondered where you website’s traffic or lack there of is coming from?

If you are not an expert in digital marketing and advertising that’s okay. We are! The Cheddar Social team will run an analysis of your business and let you know everything you would ever need to know about your site (and More). This is analysis is the Cheddar Social “Digital Footprint Report.” All you have to do is contact us by email or phone and we will set up a Free consultation with our Director of Digital Strategy, Paul Angel.

Digital Footprint El Paso

Cheddar Social has been creating and giving away our Digital Footprint reports free for over two and half years.

Here are some examples of facts you will discover:


Our Clients that utilize there Digital Footprint reports have cited it as a game changer. It is a powerful tool that can get your business the course correction it needs to dominate your competition!


Would you like our Digital Chief to meet with you and explain what your Digital Footprint looks like? Just contact us!

Once we have your Digital Marketing Analysis, we than can help plan out a simple and effective way to advertise and help you start making that Cheddar!

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